Tirana Hills – ‘Lapidari’



  • Hiking Tour Leader
  • Please notify us of any medical conditions you may have that could be a problem during this activity
  • Masks are mandatory for everyone during the city walk towards the start of our trail. 
  • Please confirm with the Tour Leader via whatsapp (click button below)
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We start the trip walking through Tirana Park to Dry Lake and continue towards Sauk Hills. Walking along Rruga e Ullishtes (Olive Road) a quiet road that winds through old olive groves, we catch glimpses through the trees of the city below, climbing ever higher as we go. The walk, being on concrete, is easy but vigorous as we make our way to the top of the hill in under an hour. Nearing the summit, we explore a large bunker cut into the mountain, exploring a deep tunnel to emerge on the far side. From here we pick up an old dirt road that winds along the backside of the hilltop, with panoramic views of the countryside. After exploring an abandoned Communist-era base, we climb to our highest point of the day, an old 'lapidari' (monument) that can be seen from down in the city.

The view from up here is spectacular! Now it’s time to walk to the second 'lapidari', located on the next peak over. This one was built to commemorate 18 October 1944 “The Day of the Artillery of the People’s Army” when a Partisan Artillery unit lobbed a well-placed shot from up here to hit the Nazi collaborator government building far below in Tirana, breaking up an important conference. We can either enjoy a nice packed lunch here or descend to a traditional restaurant at nearby Xhabrahima Lake, halfway back to Tirana and the end of our hike.

*This hike is doable by all! Short elevation of 280m and approx 10 km in length. 

What to Bring: Hiking shoes, wind/rain jacket, hat, poles and a flashlight if you have them. Please also have with you 1 ltr of water and some snacks: dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruit. A traditional lunch can be arranged at the end of the hike (optional).

WHERE - Meeting Point:           Cafe 'Korner'  @Sheshi Frederik Shopen

WHEN - Departure Time:          9 am  ( Please show up 15 min before departure so 8.45 am)


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