Internet & TV Services

A variety of companies provide Internet and TV services in Albania both for personal or business use.

We have prepared for you a list of the most popular Internet and TV providers in Albania.
The majority of these providers offer combined packages of Internet & TV, via monthly payments, prepaid or other available options. Beforehand the list of Albanian TV channels can be consulted. The average internet speed in Albania is DL 15.53 Mbps and UL 6.11 Mbps, with a monthly package base fee that can vary up to 2000 leke.

Main TV & Internet Providers



DIGITALB is one of two main companies offering TV services in Albania, together with TRING. The other companies offer a variation of packages from these main two companies. You can check Digitalb’s points of sale locations closest to you.


Tring is the second-largest TV company, right after Digitalb. Beside TV service, Tring is also an Internet service provider. The following cities are covered: Elbasan, Fier, Korce, Lezhe, Librazhd, Shijak, Vore.


Digicom is an Internet-only service provider well known for the high-speed internet and reliability. Digicom offers coverage only in Tirana, where you can find the points of sale locations.


Abissnet is an Internet-only service provider that operates in the following areas of Albania: Tirane, Durres, Golem, Korce, Kavaje, Koplik, Lac, Shkoder, Fier, Lushnje, Elbasan, Gjirokaster. For the point of sale locations click here.


Abcom is a trio service company offering Internet, Television, and Landline all-in-one package. You can choose from DIGITALB or TRING – TV packages. You can check here the cities covered and their point of sale locations.