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Welcome to Albania Package


Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience involving endless hours of research and planning which don’t always translate into concrete results in a developing country like Albania.

We are here to assist you through the first big decisions and steps to settle into the country.

This package was designed to help you reach a safe landing in Albania through our experience, dedication, and hands-on assistance from the moment you arrive till your final settlement.

To secure our service please pay the ‘retainer fee’ associated with this package.  The full quotation will be presented to each client on an individual basis and situations. If services rendered cost less than this retainer, the client will be issued a refund.

If you are planning to stay in Albania for 6 months or 2 years or want to make this country your permanent home, we can assist you with:

- Before you get here:

  • General Consultation over the phone
  • Immigration Consultation over the phone
  • Planning and Resources - follow up via email

- When you get here:

  • Airport pick up & Transportation
  • Long Term Accommodation - Rental Assist
  • Residency Permit Process
  • Notary & Translations
  • Private Health Insurance - Special Group Rate
  • Customized Tours
  • Your Individually Priced Package

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