Here you can find our Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer consulting?

Yes, we are available for consulting over the phone to newcomers in their planning stage or in-person to people that are already here. This session covers general information on the local culture, traditions, the way things work here and we hope to answer any questions you may have.

By offering you our local knowledge we hope to point you in the right direction. Just giving a newcomer a general insight into how things work here would help them save a lot of time, headache and money

What does your consulting entail?

Our aim is to prepare a newcomer on what to expect coming into Albania so they can make an educated decision on the choices they think they have vs the choices they actually have. We do not assume to offer solutions to situations or problems, rather we want to help prevent them.

Can you help with finding a home?

Yes, we can! First of all, there is a section in this website with members’ listings of their properties for rent or sale.
Secondly, we connect you with our trusted and highly recommended “expats” agents that are reliable, have experience working with expats, are able to speak fluent English.

Can you help with the bureaucracy in Albania?

Albanian administration system has been undergoing a digital upgrade, still the system is in transition (as is the country). Flaws are bound to happen and without the assistance from someone understanding the system, you risk to waste a lot of time. Common issues are a general lack of communication, efficiency skills, not to mention the lack of English. We have someone with legal background follow the immigration cases hands-on whenever a newcomer reaches for our assistance.

What are some of the best places to live in Albania?

Albania is a beautiful country, small but full of options. There are endless valleys, mountains, lakes & rivers.. coastal villages, cities of course. It all depends on what one likes. Again, an over the phone conversation with one of us can help you reach a good idea before making a decision.

How is life in Tirana?

Life in Tirana could be considered close to some of the western cities in terms of entertainment, shopping, services and style. Certain parts of Tirana cater more to expats, therefore are more developed. Other parts of the city still carry the old narrow streets of Tirana and host original local families.

Need Assistance?

We will help you plan your move to Albania in the best possible way, starting from your current situation, your goals, and the budget you have available.