General Consultation


1 Hour (plus) Session Over the Phone with an “Expats in Albania” Consultant. To best assist you we suggest one or two topics per consultation.


  • Moving to Albania
  • Retiring in Albania
  • Where to Live in Albania
  • Purchasing Real Estate
  • Local Culture

Product description

This 1 hour (plus) session, over the phone/zoom, is designed to assist a new comer during their planning stage to obtain answers, save time and gain resources and services established to assist expats.

Albania is a developing country and it will be a world of difference for someone coming from a developed country. While endless research can be done online, the real info can be found through an expat or repat that is established locally. We, the "EIA" team act as a linking bridge between the world expats leave behind and this new one, offering guidance during the transition period and safe landing into this new reality.

To make this session more valuable please chose one or two topics to focus on and write us an email with a list of your main questions prior to our session. Email:


  1. Mariam

    I was thrilled to find out about Expats in Albania and to connect with them via this one hour service. This was by far the best investment and I feel confident that I will receive the support of local experts with their other packages. The company went above and beyond my expectations by providing exceptional data and answered all my questions. I highly recommend hiring them for this consultation to avoid being overwhelmed, lost and even make the wrong decisions on your own!

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