Who We Are

Expats in Albania is an online platform for expats by expats.

The platform was designed to facilitate expats coming to Albania.  Here you will be able to easily access general information, resources, and tools regarding moving to or traveling in Albania.

How We Began

Expats in Albania was established in early 2014 by founder Denisa Kaca Bradley. What once started out as a Facebook Group for expats living in Albania is now a thriving online platform.

Denisa, a native of Tirana was part of the first group of locals to escape communist Albania in the summer of 1990 via the Italian Embassy. After leaving Albania, she lived in Italy for 4 years and later on migrated to Canada where she established herself professionally and resided for 18 years. She also became a Naturalized Canadian, so holds both Albanian and Canadian Citizenship.

Having lived abroad, Denisa recognized during her own expat journey the need for community and connection whilst away from home and exploring a new environment. Between 2014-2019 the increase of foreign citizens coming into Albania created new opportunities for the locals; thus placing Albania on the map as a European Destination Country.

“This is what brought about the idea and the need to open “Expats in Albania” Facebook group in June, the summer of 2014. Having created the Facebook group back then, Denisa foresaw the need expats would have when traveling to Albania; especially the fact that it’s a developing country. Just in most recent years, Albania has undergone intense modernization over the last decade. As the country emancipates, travelers are more in demand for such a platform like the one Denisa has created.”

The Community Features

Foremost, Expats in Albania is the authentic voice of expatriates who have come or are planning to come to Albania.

Here, we are a community of pioneers — of those who have a keen sense of adventure and an appreciation for traveling.

Whatever the experience, we share moments, discoveries, and first-hand knowledge of what to know about Albania.

What brings us to Albania is where we are connected. Some of us have relocated work or simply to retire. Others are fulfilling our desires for adventure and curiosity.

Whatever the reason may be, this is a central place where expat can get connected. Our tools and community resources will assist you in finding guidance and real-time solutions to your queries.

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Need Assistance?

We will help you plan your move to Albania in the best possible way, starting from your current situation, your goals, and the budget you have available.