Shopping In Tirana

Tirana is a bustling colorful city, its buildings are bright and its streets are full with people strolling at a leisurely pace, there is lots to discover, if you just knew where to look!

In Tirana there are no real department stores where you can find absolutely anything you are in search of and without some local knowledge, shopping in Tirana can be frustrating. In order to help out those who are new to the city we have created a basic overview of where to shop for certain items.

This shopping guide has been curated by monitoring the needs and the helpful suggestions of those on the Expats in Albania Facebook group and through gathering tips from experienced local shoppers! It aims to be as comprehensive and useful as possible but don’t hesitate to make a query on the Expats in Albania Facebook group if you are looking for something that isn’t mentioned.

Shopping Centres

Food Shopping

Clothes Shopping

Cosmetics and Toiletries

Household Goods

Electronics & Appliances


Animal Supplies

Books & Stationary

Shopping Centres

First up, shopping centers! Here is a list of the main shopping centers with links to the websites which contain a list of shops and services they offer:




Ring Center

Kristal Center


Food Shopping

When grocery shopping in Tirana it is best to do as the locals do: Pinpoint the local supermarket, bakery, bulmet (for dairy produce), butchers and where fresh fruit and vegetables are sold and shop as you need! Take a walk around your neighborhood and discover what is available nearby.

Due to the fantastic climate of Albania, there are many sources of locally grown fruit and veg and they tend to be cheap and fresh! Bear in mind that the fruit and veg available is generally seasonal, it may be difficult to find a summer fruit  in winter (i.e. watermelon in January!)

However, we understand that a lot of foreigners are in search of specific items from home so we aim to help you to find what you are looking for!


In every neighborhood in the city you will find a fruit and vegetable market to satisfy immediate needs, however, if you are looking for a wider variety of produce (including nuts, herbs, etc) it may be worth your while visiting some of the larger vegetable markets.

Visit these markets in the morning or early afternoon (generally before 1-2 pm) as most sellers gather at this time. Shop early to get the freshest produce. Here is a list of where some of the large fruit and vegetable markets in the city are:

  • Pazaar i Ri
  • Shkolla Balletit
  • Rruga Him Kolli (a street between Rruga Kavajes and Rruga Myslym Shyri
  • Vasil Shanto school
  • Brryli
  • Komuna Parisit
  • Medrese


If you are in search of a particular ingredient or product that is not a typical part of the Albanian diet, i.e. Asian foods, there are a few shops that may stock what you are looking for.


This is an Albanian chain store that supplies a huge variety of spices, nuts, grains that are not usually found in regular supermarkets. The store has multiple locations in the city and is the best place to visit if you are in search of a specific ingredient. Products available there include; coconut milk, gluten-free products, different types of noodles, soy sauce, etc.


This is a supermarket located in the center of Bllok that stocks international products. Baronesha has a selection of British and American brands that cannot be found elsewhere, if you are in search of some familiar confectionery, cereals, frozen foods, or canned items, Baronesha is the most likely supermarket to satisfy your needs.


There are a number of supermarket chains that you will become familiar with once you have spent some time in Albania. Generally, supermarkets in Albania supply a selection of food, cleaning products, and cosmetics but if you are in search of a larger selection you can visit the bigger store locations:

Conad – Ring Centre / Toptani

InterSpar – TEG / QTU


Clothes Shopping

If you are in search of familiar brands, most international clothing stores (Zara, Bershka, etc) are located in the large shopping centers, TEG, QTU, Ring Centre, and Toptani. LC Wailkiki is a popular clothing store throughout the Balkans. It has multiple locations in the city, this Turkish chain store stocks clothing and accessories for men, women, and children at reasonable prices.

However, there are a few other tips or tricks to consider when shopping in Tirana.

Smaller clothing stores in Albania are becoming increasingly savvy at using social media to sell their wares. Browse Instagram and start following Albanian stores (both online and offline shops) to keep up-to-date on sales and to see what is available, many shops offer delivery.

If you are in search of something special, an evening/ball gown or a suit, you should take a visit to Rruga Myslym Shyri. Take a stroll down the street you will find many high end (but quite expensive) clothing stores.

Albanian clothing sizes tend to be small, it can be a challenge to find larger sizes, especially for those who are tall. If you are encountering difficulties with sizes for women’s clothing take a visit to Helma Boutique, which has two stores in the city. For larger shoe sizes you can head to Office in TEG. Thanks to our wonderful Expats in Albania Facebook group for this very useful tip!


Tailors, dressmakers and shoe repair services are widely available throughout Tirana. Their services are cheap and if your clothes need some altering or your shoes are in need of repair (those Tirana footpaths can be rough on your soles!) avail of their services!


Tregu Medrese

In Medrese you will find a large indoor clothing market. This market closes around 1 pm so get there early if you want to shop.  New clothes and shoes for men, women, and children are stocked here in a maze of small stalls, if you are buying multiple items don’t forget to haggle! Materials and household linens are also available here.

Tregu Cam

Tregu Cam is a daily market located in the very heart of Tirana. Though not as large as Medresa, it provides a selection of clothes, underwear, bags, shoes, household items, and toys. The street of the market is pedestrianized every morning for the market, most stalls open until approximately 1-2 pm, but it disappears completely as the street is open to traffic at 3 pm. Get there early to have more options!


Second-hand clothes stores and markets are located in almost every neighborhood in Tirana. Prices tend to range from very cheap to ridiculously overpriced! Behind the large indoor clothing market at Medresa there is a very large and lively second-hand clothing market, you will need time to browse through piles of clothing and the pricing is not listed, but you can find some wonderful items if you have a little patience! You can generally haggle at these markets or with the shopkeepers of second-hand clothes stores.

If the idea of negotiating prices fills you with dread, don’t despair, there are second-hand shops that have price tags and won’t leave you confused about old/new lek prices! Berlin Texx is a second-hand store that regularly has sales and provides a huge range of clothing, shoes, bedding, and household linens. Similar to TKMaxx, Berlin Texx also offers products from recognizable brands that have been deemed defective. There are three BerlinTexx shops in Tirana, one at Zogu i Zi, a larger store at Rruga Gjergj Fishta, and one in Selite on Rruga Ibrahim Dervishi. All items in their stores are clearly priced.

Cosmetics and Toiletries

Although many supermarkets provide a basic selection of toiletries and cosmetics if you are in search of a wider range of products, like a typical American drug store, there are two shops that you should visit. Firstly, Rossman and Lala, this store has many different locations in Tirana and supplies everything from makeup, perfume, and skin/hair products to cleaning, animal food, and air fresheners! R&L offers a wide range of (mainly) German products, but buyers beware if you don’t understand Albanian or German you may have to Google translate instructions!

The other noteworthy shop in this category is Well, there are not as many Well outlets as there are R&L but they supply a similar selection of items and their product descriptions and instructions are generally available in English!

Household goods

If you are new to Tirana or moving you will probably need to stock up on household wares. Basic items such as plates, glasses, pots, cutlery, etc can be bought in most local supermarkets, however if you are looking for a wider selection and lower prices there are a number of useful tips to know.

Firstly, Jumbo, this is a cheap anything and everything store, you can find a large selection of household wares here, alongside everything else (i.e. toys, sports items, decorative items, stationary, etc). Jumbo stores are located outside the city in QTU and TEG shopping centers.

In the city, close to the 21 Dhjetori intersection, there is a supermarket called Joena that stocks a huge range of kitchen and household products in its downstairs floor.

For more high-end household items visit Coin shopping center.

For carpets/drapery items, products are available at Medresa and Tregu Cam, Berlin Texx, Comodita, Megatek and JYSK.


There are a number of material stores throughout the city but for the widest selection, you will need to make a trip to Medresa. A large number of material stores are located on the main street close to the entrance to the indoor market. Take a stroll down the street and you will find a wide range of materials, including foam sheets if you are considering a little upholstering!

Electronics and Appliances

Electronics and household appliances are available both used and new throughout Tirana. Here is a brief insight of some
popular shops and an overview of what they stock:

Neptun           phones, general electronic items, household appliances

Globe              phones, general electronic items, household appliances

Aza                  general electronic items, household appliances;

Shpresa           phones, TVs, electronics.

If you are in search of something specific, for example: parts of appliances, remote controls, plugs, heaters, dehumidifiers, etc, you should visit Tregu Elektrik. This electrical market is located on Rruga Petro Nini Luarasi, and is open until approximately 2 pm every day.


When it comes to furniture there are different options available in Tirana, you can buy flat-packed furniture, used items, or buy ready-to-go assembled pieces.

If you have a car, or some other means of transport, it may be worth your while to take a trip to Kamza-Frush Kruje highway, here you will find a large selection of furniture shops (Immobiliare) with ready-made items.

The Scandinavian furniture store JYSK, located in Kristal, TEG, and Toptani, offers a selection of flat-packed furniture items along with household items and decorative goods. Similarly, Megatek is a huge store, located on the Tirana, Durres highway, that offers a large
range of furniture. You can select items on the online store and get them delivered to your home. Brunes is another shop that stocks furniture and is located close to the US Embassy.


If you are in search of used furniture or wish to sell your furniture, there are two Albanian websites you can visits: Celesi Online and Understandably ads are in Albanian so Google translate may be necessary to decipher details. Generally, sellers are contactable by phone so its advisable to have an Albanian friend to help you with transactions on these websites.

If you are in Tirana and wish to search for used items, including furniture, you can visit the House of Offers (Shtepia e Ofertave). Here you can purchase items and also put your items up for sale. The store operates a compensation upon purchase system, but the store will pick up your items for free and display them in the shop. There are two House of Offers stores in Tirana, on Rruga Sulejman Delvina and on Rruga Sami Frasheri.

Animal Supplies


If you are in search of supplies for your furry little friends there are a number of useful places to know! Dog and cat food and some accessories are available in most supermarkets but if you are looking for something in particular you can visit 4 Putrat, there are two stores located in Tirana, one in front of Kristal shopping center, and the other in Brylli next to Tirana Bank. 4 Putrat stock a variety of animal goods, accessories, and high-quality pet food called Royal Canin. Jumbo and Joena supermarket also offers a number of pet-related items and Rossman and Lala stocks a large range of pet food and litter.


If you are in search of medication for your animal there are a number of veterinary pharmacies located at the end of Rruga Mine Peze, close to Rruga Asim Vokshi. Here you can purchase a number of over-the-counter medicines as well as fill vet prescriptions.

Books and Stationery

There are a number of book shops in Tirana, but there are few that sell books in languages other than Albanian. For the
widest selection of English books in particular you can visit, Adrion Ltd or Tirana Times Librari.


Second-hand books are often sold on the street in Tirana, but books in English or other languages can be more difficult to come by. If you are up and about early in the morning you should head to the bridge on Rruga Ibrahim Rugova, next to Taiwan cafe and restaurant. They often sell second-hand books in English and Italian as well as Albanian. Another bookseller that sells books in English is located at the corner of Rinia Park, just across from the Orthodox Cathedral.

Stationery PRODUCTS

“Kancelari” stores in Albania sell paper, stationery items and often provide printing and photocopying services. There are many of these shops in Tirana and many are located close to students, university areas. Shops like Jumbo also offer stationery products for low prices.

Organic and Local Produce

Bio and organic stores are becoming more and more popular in Tirana and there are a number of noteworthy stores that you
should check out if you are in search of locally sourced, high-quality products:

Agrimoni local produce, selections of Albanian rakis and wines, perfect for authentic Albanian gifts.

Organic Shop  fresh local products, dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables

Goodies Farm  fresh local products, dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables