Telecommunication Companies

Three telecommunication companies are currently operating in Albania. They offer similar services in Mobile and Landline, either for Personal or Business use. One takes the lead regarding Mobile usage, followed by Vodafone, while ALBtelecom is mostly preferable for its landline usage, internet, and TV service. For businesses that need a landline, ALBtelecom is recommended.

• Prepaid Personal number which includes daily/weekly/monthly packages, as well as Roaming packages and Internet ones

• Post-Paid Personal numbers, with 3 different packages which you can also customize how you desire once you get in touch with one of their agents.

• SIM Card costs 500 Leke, which includes 300 Leke initial communication time for free. By installing the “My One” app on your smartphone and registering it for the first time you will be gifted a bonus 3GB internet.

One Landline

One’s landlines work either with Prepaid Monthly Packages or with a contract. The registration fee is 3,500Lek which includes the landline and the setup. A monthly fee of 700 Lek applies afterward for a minimum of 12 months up to 24 based on the offer at the time of registration.

Documents needed – Personal Prepaid number

• Only your Passport is required

Documents needed – Personal Postpaid number (long term contract)

• Passport or ID • Residence Permit

If you don’t know exactly how long you’re going to stay in Albania, consider the Prepaid monthly plan.

• Prepaid: daily, weekly, monthly, roaming as well as weekend packages.

•   Vodafone doesn’t offer Landline,

• SIM Card costs 800L, which includes 300 Leke initial communication time and 500 SMS to use with other Vodafone numbers.

Documents needed – Personal Prepaid number

• Only your Passport is required.

Documents needed – Personal Postpaid number

• Passport or ID • Residence Permit

Your address is required for Postpaid contracts, as the paper bill will be sent to you every month.

• Mobile: Daily, weekly, monthly, international and roaming packages

• SIM Card cost 500L which includes 300 Leke initial communication time. By installing “ProfiliIm” App on your Smartphone and registering for the first time, you will be gifted a 4GB internet bonus to use within 4 weeks.

Albtelecom Landline

• Telephone Service set up cost is 4800 leke with a subscription fee of 700L/month afterward

• 1-year contract, subscribe to one of their packages that best suits your needs, which include the monthly subscription fee.

The duration of the contract is 12 months and the penalty in case of premature interruption of this contract is 5000 Leke, in proportion with the remaining months of the contract.

Documents needed – Personal Prepaid Number

• Only your Passport is required.

Documents needed – Personal Postpaid Number

• Passport • Residence Permit or Employment Contract

Documents needed  – Landline

• Passport or ID
• Residence Permit

Payments Options

All three companies offer the possibility to do online payments by local credit/debit cards.

Once you choose one of the companies, you can head to any of the sale points of One, Vodafone, and ALBtelecom, located throughout Albania. The staff of each company can communicate in English, so they can help you find what fits your needs best.