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Shpella e Mbytjes – KRRABE



  • Certified Guide
  • Transportation is included for 10+ guests, < 10 guest must have transportation & carpool
  • Please confirm with the Tour Leader via WhatsApp before purchase

Kerrabe village is located about 28 km south-east of the capital, between Erzen and Shkumbin rivers. A short drive from Tirana will take us to the start of our trail just outside of Kerrabe village. Our trail's destination is a well known cave of the area "Shpella e Mbytjes" (drowning cave).This name potentially comes from the unusual entrance to the cave which we will leave for you to discover. "Shpella e Mbytjes" is approximately 160 m long and 15m high at parts. Please have picnic lunch with you & we will have a beer/raki stop at the end of our hike.

Technical Info: We reach an elevation of about 590m, a distance of approximately 11 km, for a duration of 4-5 hours which makes this a moderate / easier trail. 

What to Bring: Hiking shoes, wind jacket, warm layers, poles if you have them. Please always have with you snacks: dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruit. Must have 1.5 liters of water with you now that the temperatures start to rise. 

WHERE - Meeting Point:            Cafe 'Korner'  @Sheshi Frederik Shopen 

WHEN - Departure Time:           SUNDAY @ 9 am   (Please arrive 15 minutes earlier) 


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