The ‘Good’ Cave



  • Certified Guide
  • Transportation is included for a min. of 10 guests, < 10 guest must have own transportation & carpool
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The 'Good' Cave - Shpella e Mire, is located on the NE side of mount Brrari, in the vicinity of village Besh-Livadh, but quite high up from the village. The cave's actual name is 'Shen Gjergj' and it is about 150 m long and varies from 2-10 m high. It is called 'E Mire/Good' as it is believed that the water that trickles down inside the cave has healing powers. Various religions have utilized it for various rituals which take place even today.

This area offers gorgeous views and the village of Besh is a nice discovery. A total natural setting with only a few homes still livable. The views spread out towards the east revealing the valley along Tirana River and the new Arberi Road along with it.

We recommend a picnic lunch in the mountain. Please bring a sandwich with you.

Technical Info: We reach a maximum elevation of 500 m, and a distance of 8 km, for a duration of 3.5 - 4 hours which makes this a moderate "+" trail. The last half of the trail nearing the cave is where we cover most of the elevation. The trail is mostly unmarked and quite wild during the upper half. We would recommend only experienced hikers to join this trail. The terrain starts with a mild uphill through green fields and hills and eventually becomes rocky on the uphill part towards the cave. 

What to Bring: Hiking shoes, wind jacket, light & medium layers, poles if you have them especially for the downhill part. Please always have with you snacks: dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruit, and 1.5 liters of water now that the temperatures start to rise. 

WHERE - Meeting Point:            Cafe 'Korner'  @Sheshi Frederik Shopen

WHEN - Departure Time:           SUNDAY @ 9:00 Am   (Please arrive 15 minutes earlier) 


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