Albanopolis and Kruja



  • Certified Guide
  • Transportation is included for a min. of 10 guests (VAN)
  • Groups of less than 10 guest must have own transportation & carpool
  • Please confirm with the Tour Leader via WhatsApp before purchase
  • Please notify us of any medical conditions that could impair you during this activity
  • Masks are mandatory for everyone during the shared transportation to and from
  • Please confirm with Tour Leader via Whatsapp before purchasing this tour online

Albanopolis is located on the hills in front of Kruja. The earliest construction is thought to be the Acropolis, IV century BC with very minimal work on the stone blocks, which coincides with the Iron Age. It is thought that the name Albania originates from the name Albanopolis.

Our hike will start at a small village Halim, from where we will continue our walk towards Zgerdhesh, the next village over, and eventually arrive at the ruins of Albanopolis. Here we will visit the ancient city and continue our trail path along the valley. Soon the trail opens up towards the view of Skenderbeg mountain range, the town of Kruja, Kruja mountain, and other attractions we will see while walking. We reach the town of Kruja and here have a visit at the bazaar and the fortress. Here we can have a stop for lunch which is at your own cost. The van will drive us back to the original starting point, and then back to Tirana. The expected time of return will be 17:00

Technical Info: We reach an elevation of about 450m, a distance of approximately 10 km, for a duration of 3.5 - 4 hours which makes this a moderate "+" trail. The terrain is soft on the hillside and rocky/alpine on the mountainside. 

What to Bring: Hiking shoes, wind jacket, light layers considering the temperatures will reach 15 degrees, poles if you have them. Sunscreen and Hats become a new necessity in the spring. Please always have with you snacks: dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruit. Must have 1.5 liters of water with you now that the temperatures start to rise. 

WHERE - Meeting Point:            Cafe 'Korner'  @Sheshi Frederik Shopen 

WHEN - Departure Time:           SUNDAY @ 8:30 Am   (Please arrive 15 minutes earlier) 


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