New Law For Foreigners

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Digital Workers

Digital workers can apply for a one-year permit and ask for an extension for the second year, then five years, and finally request permanent residency. They need to provide one of these types of contract:

  • Service contract with a foreign contractor,
  • Contract with a client for a specific remote project,
  • Contract with a foreign company



This new type of permit introduced by the new Law enables the foreigners who are retired in their country to apply and obtain residency in Albania

Retirees can only apply for one-year permits, providing the annual pension (minimum €10,000) and proving their means for financial support. The additional requirements align with remote workers and digital nomads. Pensioners can also extend their stay from two to five years.


Single permit

This is a new type of permit introduced by this Law, that shall compile both the residence permit and work permit which previously were issued as two separate documents. It shall allow foreigners to reside legally in Albania for working purposes. This means that one application procedure shall be followed either by the employer or foreign employee, to obtain the Single Permit.


The new term for a residence permit issued to EU, US, and Kosovo citizens

According to the Law, the first residence permit issued to citizens of EU members states, USA and Kosovo shall be for 5 (five) years.


The Albanian government is following the global trend towards working visas and remote workers. However, there are a few adjustments and improvements that need to be worked on. Albanian banks require a residence permit before opening an account, making it challenging to get all requirements. Freelancer and project-based digital nomads don’t have a suitable contract to present to the local authorities. Some countries don’t allow the transfer of pensions to Albania.

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