Local Bureaucracy

by Dec 29, 2021Living in Albania, Tirana



We all know the headaches one goes through when dealing with bureaucracy. This is true in most countries but it is definitely true here in Albania. Many of you are going through the process of obtaining a residency permit in Albania and have experienced this hands-on.


Expats with more experience in developing countries report ease of process in Albania and others do report the opposite. We have been assisting expats for a while now and our word for it is “hit & miss”! Let me explain; it all depends on who is standing in front of you; The person on the other side of the counter.


If it’s someone efficient that knows their job well and wants to do it. Or if it’s someone that due to shortcomings in their profession and/or unwillingness to do the job takes people through endless loops of “mysterious happenings”! If you meet the first version, you’ll get it done. If you are unlucky and meet the second version you are doomed. What to do in this case?


Consistency is the mother of achievement – I say, we all say! And there is no bureaucrat that will not back down in front of consistency & accuracy.  “kill them” with kindness and give them exactly what they are asking for. Sometimes they ask for something absolutely not on the list of things needed, but yes, please do it anyways!


And, yes, you’ll be running around for a while but eventually, will get the darn thing done! This is where our services come in, we simply do the running for you; We happen to know the way LOL….We are not re-inventing the wheel, definitely not! We know how to ‘persist the right way’.


I hope you get the light humor accompanying this write up and understand that some of this is part of the cultural difference between a Balkan country and the rest of the world, mixed with inaccuracy and lack of professionalism and possibly also some “not possible” mentality that becomes possible with “some interference”.


Just being accurate and giving you something we can together laugh with until things get better. And they will!