Tirana – Welcome Package


Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience involving endless hours of research and planning which don’t always translate into concrete results in a developing country like Albania.
We are here to assist you through the first big decisions and steps to settle into the country.
This package was designed to help you reach a safe landing in Albania through our experience, dedication, and hands-on assistance from the moment you arrive till your final settlement within the city of Tirana.

If you are planning to stay in Albania for 6 months or 2 years or want to make this country your permanent home, we can assist you with:

- Before you get here:

  • General Consultation over the phone about  Albania (1 hour)
  • Planning, Resources and follow up via email

- When you get here:

  • Airport pick up & Transportation to Tirana
  • We can be your Agent - Rental or Purchase
  • Immigration Consultation / Orientation
  • Access to "EIA" group rate - Health Insurance
  • We can be your Guide for Customized Tours


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