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Vehicle Import & Registration


This service is offered to newcomers that want to import and register their vehicle in Albania. We assist you with information, translation, and orientation as to where, when, and how to go about this. Where needed one of our team members will be present to accompany you.

This service includes:

  • Customs
  • Local License Plates
  • Vehicle Inspection

*Once you have purchased this service we need to schedule a meeting asap. Please note that the above-mentioned fee covers only our assistance and does NOT include additional charges from various institutions we will accompany you to. 

Albania is a developing country and most important info is hard to find, not to mention the time it takes to get things done! On the positive note, things are improving and the digitalization will make life a lot easier for expats & locals. However, until all the bugs are worked out, our assistance has proven to be of great help. We can make sense of the "madness" for you 🙂


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