Pub IRONBRUSH Tirana, aka PIT is located in one of the original Tirana neighborhoods, right in the HEART of Tirana. It’s the kind of place to find a friendly atmosphere and an easy going crowd. The team behind this pub is proud of the design details and the original artwork that has gone into creating this space over the years. PIT provides clients and friends with a welcoming atmosphere, great service and products, a good range of which are “Made in Albania”.

Recently some food dishes have been added to the menu to best accompany a drinking night.


ROCK MUSIC is the house music and quite often local or international artists play live. A full size pool table is available in the indoor space for those relaxed evenings with friends.


Prices at IRONBRUSH are very reasonable which adds to the large popularity of this pub. Welcome to Pub IRONBRUSH Tirana!


Gorgeous food


Absolutely gorgeous T-Bone, quite easily the best I’ve had yet

Craig Cusworth

Fun & trendy


This pub is very easy going place.. it is the kid of place you’d be glad to stop at any time of day. But my favorite is to stop for a beer during summer afternoons or during a live music evening. Love the Puka beers, a local draft beer becoming popular also among expats crowds.


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