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Cakes & Pastries

Hello, I am Judit from Hungary and I love to bake!


Being away from home and missing some of the tastes hard to find in Albania, was my initial inspiration to start makings sweets. I love creating and exploring with tastes and various methods of baking and cooking. Happy to say that I can achieve any sweets my clients ask for, from the delicate Japanese sweets, to strong South American tastes or even French delicacies.

About a year ago I got the French Certification to make macaroons, which I must say, I make to perfection!

The range of flavors is developing based on my client’s demand, my own explorations and local resources.

I can create any kind of cakes with different flavors, cookies, brownies and macaroons. My creations can be gluten free, sugar free, lactose free or full on – vegan. I also make pastries. My latest challenge is to create a gluten free croissant!


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