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Luli Thomai

Albanian Language Tutor

A qualified Albanian and English teacher with 25 years of experience, who is able to effectively communicate with students from diverse cultural, educational backgrounds or varying degrees of ability. A committed and dedicated professional with a proven ability to teach, motivate, and direct students to maximum performance by encouraging a positive and energetic environment. Fully conversant with the English National Curriculum, Albanian Language Standards, and experience of exploiting technology in the classroom or up to date online apps, to make the most of the learning experience.

I`ve been teaching the Albanian language to all levels of students, from beginners` to advanced. I mostly teach conversational, every day Albanian combined with some very important grammar tips. I make use of some very good textbooks from the Department of Albanian Language in the Tirana University, but also I am well on the way of publishing my own textbook and exercise book on conversational Albanian. I prefer one on one classes, but I also run courses with 3 students, max.
I have a good command of English and Italian, these two languages help me a lot in explaining very easily to my students all the grammar challenges the Albanian language has, by using the comparative way as a very effective one for the language acquisition.



The Master Tutor!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 3, 2022

Luli’s knowledge of Albanian and English grammar is exceptional. She is able to explain Albanian grammar and how it relates to the English grammar, which has been a huge help for me in learning the language.

She is kind and thoughtful and very accommodating. I’ve taken lessons with her both while living in the US and Albania.


Luli is a wonderful, knowledgeable, and caring teacher!!

Rated 5 out of 5
July 25, 2022

I have been studying Albanian with Luli for almost a year now. She is a great teacher and she knows the Albanian language inside and out! She adapts the lessons to match the learning style of her students.


Don’t try to learn Albanian without Luli

Rated 5 out of 5
July 20, 2022

The grammar is very complex but Luli truly understands and can explain it in a way that makes sense. She’s the best!


Easy to work with Luli. Plus, you'll learn lots of Albanian culture and history.

Rated 5 out of 5
July 18, 2022

Luli is very accommodating with her schedule. For almost two years when I lived in the states I took classes during the day or evening.

I also chose to learn Albanian by studying poetry first. And in the process I learned a lot about the history and culture of the country.

I highly recommend working with Luli!


Excellent teacher with a deep understanding of the Albanian language and grammar

Rated 5 out of 5
July 14, 2022

I have been learning Albanian with the help of Luli for over a year now. She has been a wonderful teacher. She does a great job explaining grammar and highlighting where spoken/colloquial Albanian may differ. Her familiarity with several other languages also provides her with a strong ability to explain how a phrase in Albanian could be understood from the lens of a foreign language learner. I would highly recommend her for all levels of language learners, from beginner to advanced.


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