“Artizani” is a premium quality bakery located in Tirana offering organic and healthy baked products.  Their main expertise is in making whole grain sourdough breads such as: wheat bread, barley bread, rye bread, corn bread, Ezekiel bread, all-grains bread etc. 

At “Artizani” you can also find different types of traditional lakror, cakes, biscuits all baked daily using their own wholegrain flour.

“Artizani” shop is an open space, where you can see all processes from: grinding the grain on their stone mill, dough preparation, baking the bread or making lakror.

The baker and owner of “Artizani”, Nikolin, who has worked for several years in London is passionate about the fermentation process and very knowledgeable about nutrition values of all their products.

“Artizani” also offers different types of fermented drinks, trahana, whole grain pasta, fresh flours, nuts, seeds as well as fruits and vegetables. They have an online shop and offer home delivery for orders bigger than 2000 Lek

“Artizani” products are great for gluten intolerants or diabetics. 



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