Work Permit

If you are planning on working, studying, freelancing, or even investing or setting up a business in Albania, you’ll need to apply for a work permit which also authorizes you to apply for your residence permit. A work permit in Albania is a different process than the application for a residence permit. You will apply for this permit through the National Employment Service (Zyrës së Punësimit).

Work Permit Types & Documentation

As of January 2020, you must apply for your work permit online.


According to the website, the period of time you must allow for this procedure is 30 days, so please start this process as soon as you possibly can so that you can apply for your residence permit.

The process requires filling out the online form and uploading relevant documentation, once completed any issues or the acceptance of your permit will be communicated to you via email by an Employment Officer. Once approved, you will be told which office to get to in order to pick up your permit.

There are many types of work permits available depending on your situation, they are divided into four different groups (Work Permit types A, B, C, and D). Please check the full list of documents required for all types of work permits.

Tips before applying for your work permit


  • Ensure that your workplace has registered you as an employee with the National Employment Service prior to applying, you will need this document  (Work Authorization by the Employer) if you are an employee in Albania. If your employer fails to register you as an employee they (the employer) will occur a fine from the National Employment Service.
  • If your original work contract is only in Albanian you will need to have this officially translated into a language that you understand in order to apply for the permit.