Residency Permit Documents

Photocopy of your ID (i.e. Passport)
2 x Passport size photos

Note that the new online system mentions only one photo is needed, but  I would include two, as mentioned on the paper application!

Police Certificate

This is a certified criminal background check document from your home country / previous place of residence. The document differs by country and you should contact your embassy for details on how to acquire this document.

If you don’t have an embassy in Albania I advise you to organize this document when you are still in your country, the document needs to have been issued within the last 6 months. It is also important to note that this document needs to have an apostille stamp, the immigration office in Albania will not accept it without this. Once you have the document you will be required to get this document translated and notarized in a notary in Albania.

Rental Contract

If you are renting accommodation in Albania a rental contract needs to be presented in order to prove that you have a place of residence in the country.
Please ensure that the contract is valid and will be accepted by the immigration office, this can be confirmed when you make your initial visit to the immigration office.

Once you are sure this is OK you will need to get the document notarized. This requires both you (the tenant) and your landlord to visit a notary together.
Your landlord will need to provide proof of ownership of the property and their identification documents. You will need to bring identification to the notary and the rental contract in both a language you understand and Albanian. It may be necessary to pay for an official translation of the document by a registered translator.

Work Permit

This is the most lengthy process that you will encounter when applying for your initial residence permit. As of January 2020 the application for the work permit can now be completed online.

However, the website mentions that the approval of the permit could take up to 30 days so please be aware of this when applying. Please refer to our article about Work Permits for more detailed information here.

Once the document is approved you must present yourself in person at the office of National Employment Service. Location in Tirana: Zyra e Punes.


It is necessary to go to a bank physically with the ID of the applicant to pay the fee. Payment can be completed at any bank. When you have proof of payment (don’t forget to keep a copy/take a photo of the receipt) you return to the immigration office and hand over the approved application and the receipt of payment and the application process is complete.