Tirana International Bus Station

Moving to Albania, like any other new country requires pre-planning.
For all expats moving to Albania with their families, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular international and bilingual schools. We’ve also included fee information for each school.

This list includes nursery schools, primary and secondary institution and high schools. Also, you’ll find information on International undergraduate programs and high learning certifications that Albania offers.

If you don’t have a car and want to take a trip to another Balkan country, to an airport outside Albania, or make an environmentally conscious trip to Europe or Turkey, you will need to become familiar with the international bus station!

Tirana International Bus Station

The station is located at Pallati i Sportit which is close to the Tirana Ring Center shopping mall at Zogu i Zi.

Most bus ticket offices are located at the station. There are a number of different offices for private bus companies. Here you can request the time for your route and buy your bus ticket. Prices are given in euro for international bus trips. Once you have your ticket it is recommended that you arrive 15-30 minutes before your bus is due to depart.

Along with your travel documentation (I.D card/passport) if you are a resident, don’t forget to bring your residence permit with you if you are crossing any borders!

NOTE: Please be aware that the length of time an international bus can take largely depends on how long it takes to cross borders, this can vary from twenty minutes to as long as two hours plus! Border crossings can be longer if there is a lot of traffic (for example Albania-Montenegro border during summer months).


Online websites (such as Rome2Rio and Gjirafa) list the bus times of international buses departing from Tirana station, some of the bus companies offer the opportunity to purchase your ticket online. However, if you are unable to buy your ticket online, even though a bus may be listed as departing at a particular time, it is advisable to visit the relevant ticket office to purchase your ticket beforehand.

NOTE: Tickets can be purchased at most travel agencies throughout the city, but not definitely at all of them. Some leg work is required when in Albania. The timetables can change so it is always a good idea to confirm that the bus you intend to take is definitely running. Buy your ticket at least a day in advance!